The RBF market matures and expands – welcome Next Step!

During the annual “tech industry spring break” at SXSW, I reached out to the folks at Next Step Capital Partners, an Austin-based RBF investor who just broke out onto the scene.

Patrick and Dan from Next Step are experienced operators and angel investors in high tech. Much like our own story at RevenueLoan‘s founding, they discovered the RBF model as part of their investing work and conversations, and found several situations where the revenue-based model would have worked better than traditional equity.

With legal advisory help from Ed Cavazos and Andrew Gajkowski of Bracewell & Giuliani, who are rapidly making a mark as thought leaders in the RBF practice in Texas, they founded the firm and have been actively looking at investments in the $250-500k range, primarily in Texas.

Welcome to the Next Step team — interested folks should check them out, and we hope for their success as we all continue to prove out and define the emerging RBF marketplace!