4 Trends in Small Business Credit

Businesses with fewer than 500 employees account for 99.9% of US firms.  Overall there are over 6 million employer firms in the US (2006) with 600K new businesses forming every year.  Approximately 1.3 million businesses employ between ten and 1,000 employees, generating over $5 trillion in annual revenue.[i]

With profound community, national and international importance on the shoulders of small business, the following summary highlights 4 trends in US small business credit and lending. Read more of this post


Inflation or Deflation: RBF for an uncertain future?

Satirical country singers “Bretton Wood” and “Merle Hazard” have a real hit on their hands with “Inflation or Deflation:”

Their chorus, chilling in some ways if funny in others, is:

Inflation or deflation?
Tell me, if you can
Will we become Zimbabwe
Or will we be Japan?
Credit markets came undone
And still are in distress
Will the dollars in my mattress
Buy much more next year or less?

If you knew which of the two were just around the corner (and no consensus seems firm today), how might you invest?  Well, the usual answer looks like this:

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